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Meet the Accountant Who Has Helped Black-Owned Businesses Recover From $500K in Taxes Owed

Robin Boyd

Robin Boyd, the Founder and CEO of Essential Accounting Consultants has emerged as a savior for Black-owned businesses. Over the years, she has supported thousands of small business clients with debt forgiveness and tax resolution solutions. It has helped them overcome financial hurdles.

“We understand that finances can be tough for small businesses, especially if they don’t start on a good note,” says Robin. “Our professional team can run through your accounting numbers and finances and suggest the best solutions to overcome the problem. We are fully equipped to handle every aspect of your business finance from start to finish.”

Robin and her firm have earned nationwide acclaim for her track record of supporting small businesses and helping them grow. With a wealth of experience spanning numerous years, she has provided invaluable assistance to thousands of small business clientele. Her remarkable achievements have not gone unnoticed, as she was recognized by Forbes for her exceptional contributions to the world of accounting and business development.

Her dedication and expertise continue to be a beacon of support for the countless entrepreneurs and small businesses she has served throughout her illustrious career.

Through her exceptional financial expertise and astute business acumen, Robin has played a pivotal role in safeguarding the operational continuity of numerous small enterprises. In the complex field of taxation, where businesses can inadvertently fall behind in fulfilling their obligations to state and federal authorities, her Tax Resolution Service has emerged as a lifeline for struggling small businesses.

Under Robin’s experienced guidance and with the support of her team of skilled accountants and tax resolution specialists, she tirelessly advocates for these business owners when dealing with the IRS. Her efforts have resulted in the forgiveness of tax liabilities, enabling these businesses to regain their financial footing and start afresh.

Whether it’s negotiating settlements or establishing manageable payment arrangements, Robin’s dedication and her team’s expertise have been instrumental in assisting businesses to overcome tax challenges. Her efforts have been crucial in ensuring their sustainability and continued success.

Small businesses trust this tax resolution expert to provide relief from leans and get favorable judgments for their disputes. Thanks to her efforts, they can avoid going into foreclosure or bankruptcy and look forward to making a fresh start. Boyd has formulated comprehensive financial strategies for many of her clients, enabling them to achieve financial stability and credibility. They regain access to crucial funding sources, including reputable banks and private equity firms, which act as a financial lifeline for their businesses.

Rather than facing the bleak prospect of closure, these businesses now possess a well-defined and promising financial future. Robin’s expertise and dedication ensure they have the financial foundation to survive and thrive in the competitive business landscape.

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Essential Accounting Consultants is a premier accounting firm operating from offices in Cleveland, Ohio, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia. The company’s core competencies include accounting, business management, taxation, and financial statement audits. Its service portfolio comprises tax oversight, bookkeeping, and business advisory. The company enjoys a distinctive reputation as a highly knowledgeable and reputable accounting firm, providing a complete spectrum of services to individual and corporate clients. Combining localized and online accounting practices, they deliver personalized and top-tier service, upholding the highest quality standards.

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