Usher Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show: Presented By Apple Music!

It was announced. We waited. And the show did not disappoint! The Usher Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show had everything you could ever want.

Elements like nostalgia. Great costuming. Usher’s abs (a brief appearance; because hey, this is a family show ladies lol); Billboard charts hits and amazing special guests. However, we are not in shock over the fact that Usher pulled off such an impressive performance. This is not the R&B King’s first rodeo.

Yes, Usher has been apart of the Super Bowl festivities before. Performing during the Super back in 2011. The Athletic confirms this stating,

“This will be Usher’s first appearance as a headlining act at the Super Bowl and his second appearance since 2011, when he was a guest with the Black Eyed Peas.”

So then, Usher is able to efficiently learn the ropes first as a SB guest. And now he is the MAIN man. Therefore, let’s get into it. What went down, and what happened?

Usher Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show: Presented By Apple Music!

Usher Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show


Let’s start with the timing of the show. If it feels like Usher is sliding across the stage for longer than usual. You’re right. Usher’s halftime extravaganza is several minutes longer than the average NFL Super Bowl halftime show. As Forbes confirms,

“Usher’s team secured a 15-minute slot for his halftime performance, he told Entertainment Weekly, up slightly from the typical 13 minutes artists are allotted—a tight timeframe due to the speed with which the stage must be set up and torn down.”

Nice. What about special guests? While some acts choose to go it alone; other artists elect to invite a few friends to come join them on stage. Therefore, what musicians hit the stage with Usher? Here’s a recap list, along with songs they did their thing on.

Special Guests:

  • Alicia Keys “If I Ain’t Got You” and “My Boo”
  • Cee Lo (Emcee)
  • Her “You Got It Bad” guitar solo
  • Lil Jon “Turn Down For What” and “Yeah”
  • Ludacris “Yeah”

Lastly, we have to get into the costuming and other entertaining elements. Of course, the lighting was on point. Also, Usher takes full advantage of the glitzy, Las Vegas atmosphere by incorporating show girls, marching band, tons of feathers, sparkling bling, Cirque Du Soleil style acrobatics and glamorous showmanship.

Plus, we have to mention the roller skates! So cool and fun. When the camera panned out it looked like they were skating in a TRON movie. Therefore, hats (and shirts) off to Usher; for putting on a memorable halftime during an already fantastic NFL Super Bowl game!

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